Almedalen Week has an official printed program, which contains the same program information as the calendar on the website. Late updates are published on the website. The official printed program is in Swedish.

The program is printed the week before Almedalen Week and is subsequently available in the foyer of Almedalen Library, at Wisby Strand, in the Tourist Information Office at Donners plats, in the Press Centre at the University, in the larger hotels in Visby and at newsstands in the Almedalen area.
The official printed program will also be displayed throughout Gotland and on the Gotland ferries and at the airports. 

Kontakta Region Gotland

Region Gotland

Visborgsallén 19
621 81 Visby

Kontakta Almedalsveckan


Telefon:  +46 (0)498 26 93 10
Telefontid helgfri måndag-fredag
kl. 09:00-12:00 samt 13.00-15.00

In English

Selected information in English - Manually translated pages.

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